Pengyew Chin is an ethnic Chinese born in Penang, Malaysia. He attended Brandeis University as a Wein Scholar, graduating in 1985. A self-taught cook, he has been a professional chef and caterer for more than 15 years, specializing in regional Asian cuisine. He also teaches classes on Asian cooking techniques. Strategically located on the Straits of Malacca, Malaysia became an important crossroads for commercial activity between the Far East, the Indian sub-continent, and Europe centuries ago. This trade, much of which was in spices, resulted in an exchange of ideas and experiences among diverse peoples and the evolution of a unique blend of cuisine sometimes known as Straits, or Nyonya, cooking.

Chin creates his menus from Malaysian, Chinese and Nyonya preparations and recipes collected from friends, family and cookbooks. His offerings are a blend of this rich personal and historical heritage, encompassing influences from India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and China. He travels regularly to Asia to keep abreast of culinary development.

Living in and working from Amherst, Massachusetts, Chin’s professional activities are centered in the Connecticut River Valley. He worked at Curtis & Schwartz Cafe for close to 10 years, creating Asian Menu Nights one weekend a month; at the North Star Seafood Restaurant preparing sushi; and a short stint at Green Street Cafe, serving an Asian menu on Sundays. For the past eight years Chin has also been a guest chef at Green Street Cafe, where his Chinese New Year feasts are wildly popular.

Having been the head chef for a local catering company for many years, Chin currently runs his own catering buisiness which specializes in Southeast Asian cuisine. Let Pengyew Catering infuse you next event with a mix of Southeast Asian and American flavors.