Sticky Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Brandy Sauce served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Silken Chocolate Walnut Tart with Raspberry Coulis

Banana Spring Rolls with Chocolate Sauce

Apple Crumble with Lavender Ice Cream

Upside-down Pear and Cardamom Cake

Tropical Tiramisu - tropical fruit, sago pearls, lady's finger and mascarpone cheese

Lemon Madeleine with Creme Fraich and Raspberry Coulis

Cool Pineapple Mango Soup with Tamarind Sorbet

Ginger Pear Sorbet with Cardamom Madeleines

Fruit Stuffed Phyllo Purses with Custard Sauce

Pear Clafouti with Star Anise and Florentine (crisp cookie with nuts)

Kiwi Napoleon with Fleur de Sel Caramel

Biscotti and Masala Chai (spiced tea)

Kulfi Ice Cream (cardamom and pistachio nuts) and Fig Tart

Peach Napoleon (sauteed peaches layered with crisp wafer-thin cookies with nuts) served with Orange Ricotta Creme

Chocolate Molten Cake with Ginger Ice Cream

Apricot & Prune / Sour Cream / Cardamom Coffeecakes

Gingerbread with warm apples & orange-ricotta cream

Lemon Crepe with maple banana compote & ricotta creme

Sugee Cake (with semolina & ground almonds ) & almond whipped cream

Apple / Pear Galette (free-form tart) with vanilla ice cream

Pear & Frangipane (Almond) Tart

Ginger Cake with mango sauce

Flan (caramel custard) with coconut pizzelle (wafer)

Chocolate Pots de Creme in chocolate cups

Warm Poached Pear with sour cherry sauce

Carrot Almond Cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Fruit Crepes filled with seasonal fruits / berries, drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with ginger-whipped cream or cream fraiche

Madeleine, Lace Cookies, Shortbread, Fudge Brownies, Sugar Cookies
Biscotti & Chai
(Indian Spiced Tea)

Homemade Ice-Cream - ginger, dried fig and Brazil nut, rich coffee, butter pecan, macadamia, Earl Grey, cardamom and pistachio, vanilla, banana, butter pecan, strawberry; served with coconut pizzelle

Kaya (coconut jam) Phyllo Triangle

Scones & Muffins