Roast Tsing Tao Duck (marinated in beer, soy and spices)

Chicken Breast with Mango, Snowpeas and Ginger

Braised Chicken (leg quarters) with Vibrant Flavors (carrots, tomatoes, dates, preserved lemon rind, saffron, spices and red wine) served with Couscous

Soy Braised Cornish Game Hen ( one-half per guest) drizzled with Braising Sauce

Tomato Kaffir Lime Turkey 'Bolognese' over Spaghetti

Braised Chicken with Mushroom and Roasted Pepper

Lemongrass Sambal over Penne Pasta

Seared Tea Rubbed Chicken Breast with Vinegar Glazed Leeks

Soy Kaffir Lime Chicken Breast with Glazed Cauliflower

Buttermilk and Sage Soaked Turkey Breast with Fresh Cranberry Orange Sauce

Ayam Limau Purut - Malaysian curry with coconut milk, tamarind, lemon grass and kaffir

Bebek Betutu - Balinese curry-marinated roast duck wrapped in banana leaves and roasted

Braised Chicken in Oyster Sauce with Mushroom & Daikon

Chicken Kurmah - Indian inspired curry with tomatoes, onions and potatoes

Chicken, Shrimp and Fruit Salad - mango, green apple, grape, starfruit, citrus, berries (when in season), poached shredded chicken and shrimp tossed with lime juice, chili, and salt; garnished with fried shallot

Chicken / Seafood & Andouille Gumbo served with plain rice

Eight Precious Duck - duck legs braised in Soy, wine, star anise, ginger, & Sichuan peppercorns

Five Spice Roast Duck

Fragrant Crispy Duck - marinated, steamed, air-dried, floured, and deep fried; served with Sichuan pepper-salt

Fried Coconut Chicken - chicken braised in a coconut-curry sauce and then fried to a mahogany hue and served with the rich, reduced curry sauce

Fried Chicken with Scallion Sauce

Hearty Chicken Curry with Potatoes; garnished with fresh mint

Kari Kapitan - chicken curry with coconut milk, tamarind, & kaffir leaves

Keema - sauteed ground turkey with tomato, Indian spices, and green peas

Lemongrass Roast Chicken / Chicken Wings

Minced Chicken with Thai / Holy Basil - minced chicken stir-fried with ginger, shallots, Thai basil, and fish sauce

Opor Manuk - another chicken curry with coconut milk; simpler and robust

Paper Wrapped Chicken - seasoned chicken wrapped in parchment and fried

Roast Duck in Thai Red Curry- roast duck, cherry tomato and licorice basil in a homemade red curry and coconut sauce

Soy-braised or Tea-smoked Cornish Hen (1/2 per person)

Steamed Chicken with Dried Shiitake Mushroom, Dried Lilybuds, & Wood Ears

Tea-Smoked Chicken / Duck

White Cut Chicken - tenderly poached and served with chili-ginger and soy-sesame sauces